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Tarek F. Abdelzaher      

Department. of Computer Science      

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Featured Project

LiteOS: A UNIX-like operating system for sensor networks, suitable for educational settings and sensor network instructional labs.
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Why join us?


·      (8/2010) The Future Internet Architecture project is in the news

·      (4/2010) Qing Cao and Dong Wang win RTAS 2010 Best Paper Award

·      (1/2010) Tarek Abdelzaher is named Willett Scholar

·      (11/2009) GreenGPS is in the news

·      (9/2009) Raghu Ganti is announced a Siebel Scholar

·      (7/2009) Praveen Jayachandran wins ECRTS 2009 Best Paper Award

·      (5/2009) Tarek Abdelzaher becomes Program Chair of ICAC 2011

·      (7/2008) Crossbow article features Smart Attire

·      (6/2008) Microsoft funds Abdelzaher’s mPlatform research

·      (5/2008) Praveen wins the C. L. (Dave) and Jane Liu award

·      (4/2008) Tarek Abdelzaher becomes Program Chair of ICDCS 2010

·      (7/2007) Tarek Abdelzaher becomes General Chair of Sensys 2008

·      (7/2007) Crossbow article features LiteOS

·      (7/2007) Praveen Jayachandran wins ECRTS 2007 Best Paper Award

·      (6/2007) Tarek Abdelzaher joins IPSN Steering Committee

·      (5/2007) Qing Cao and Praveen Jayachandran win Vodafone Fellowship

·      (4/2007) Motorola donates equipment to Abdelzaher’s lab for smart phone research

·      (4/2007) Microsoft funds Abdelzaher and Ward’s Action Web (see press release)

·      (2/2007) Tarek Abdelzaher joins IEEE TC-RTS Executive Committee

·      (11/2006) Tarek Abdelzaher joins the Editorial Board of IEEE TPDS

·      (6/2006) Liqian Luo is awarded the title of UIUC Distinguished Graduate Student for 2006

·      (3/2006) Tarek Abdelzaher becomes General Chair of IPSN 2007

·      (12/2005) Tarek Abdelzaher becomes Program Chair of RTSS 2006

·      (11/2005) Tarek Abdelzaher joins Editorial Board of ACM ToSN

·      (10/2005) Tarek Abdelzaher joins Editorial Board of IEEE TMC

·      (6/2005) Tarek Abdelzaher is elected Editor in Chief of the Real-Time Systems Journal

Research Themes

A versatile collection of new research directions are started in this group, ranging from Sensor Networks and applications of the Future Internet to Green Computing and performance optimization in Data Centers. They share one fundamental premise: tomorrow, computing will be much more integrated with the physical environment. Computing systems will interact with physical ones in time, space, energy, and performance dimensions. These interactions will require new theory, design tools, development paradigms, and run-time support to handle challenges of distributed sensing, privacy, information distillation, control, robustness, system troubleshooting, energy, and sustainability, among others.

Current Projects: These projects investigate software interactions with both physical and social context in the following dimensions:


Feasible Region Calculus,

Space and Distribution:

Sensor Networks,

Future Internet Architecture,

Data Quality:

Data Fusion,



Green Datacenters,


Software Predictability

Other Projects:


Smart Attire,

Environmentally Immersive Programming,

Group meeting:

Thursdays 4pm.

: Exploration of the computer science frontier at the intersection of logical and physical realms… (read more)

Picture Gallery: and exploration is always exciting! (see more)

GreenGPS Video:

Click here (best viewed at 300kbps link)

Smart Attire Video:

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Related Classes:

(CS 598TAR) Sensor Networks: Offered in the Fall on odd-numbered years.

(CS 424) Real-time Systems: Offered in the Spring.